Monday, 24 February 2014

Lillies for Lillian

I've been looking back through my woefully sparse blog posts and realised that I haven't shown you an awful lot of the work I have been doing so I will try and find some of the things I am most proud of to post in between Goddesses and other new work.

This is the brooch I made in memory of my Nanna yet.  It took me over 3 years to finally get the design and construction right but I am finally happy with it.  Her name was Lillian so I though a lily would be appropriate but had terrible trouble getting first the shapes of the petals right, then the colour.  In the end I was saved by participating in Pam Kirk's 1914-2014 Memorial Wreath Project.  I bought the tutorial from Pam and found that I could use the same technique that she had used for the poppy brooch to construct the lily.  I emailed Pam and asked her if she would mind as I wanted to create a tutorial for it and she very kindly gave me permission.  My tutorial is now in my Etsy store with proceeds going to my Nanna's favourite charity.