Tuesday, 18 February 2014

'Butterfly' Goddess

Once I started working on my BJP pieces I fond I really enjoyed the fact that the Goddesses were 'art' rather than jewellery and sort of went a little bit mad making more.  I haven't included them in my BJP folder but thought you might like to see some of those too so I shall be posting them in between my BJP pieces.  I find them incredibly peaceful, both in the stitching and to look at once they are finished and can see me making lots more throughout the year.

'Butterfly' was stitched immediately after I finished my January Goddess and I made her with the intention of hanging her in my bedroom.  The butterfly on her belly is a small lace applique piece that has been beaded over and has a few sparkly crystals added.  I had to figure out a way to bezel a 3mm chaton for this which was a bit of a challenge but I like a challenge! ;o)  The colours are very 'me' and I am really pleased with how she turned out.  I used different stitches/patterns for each section to create visual interest and lots of different textures and her face is made from polymer clay using a push mould so that I could get just the right colours that I needed to match the beads.

For those of you mad enough to want to to bezel a 3mm chaton here is how I did it:

Pick up 10 size 15 seed beads.  Go through all 15 again, and the first one a third time and pull into a circle.

Work one row of peyote using Delica beads, place the chaton in the centre, pointed side down.

Work 1 row of peyote using size 15 seed beads.  Go through all five 15s again, keeping a tight tension to pull this last row in over the edge of the chaton to keep it in place.  Finish off the thread ends.


  1. She is another of my favorites - so peaceful!!! And thank you for the tips on bezeling a 3mm - WOW!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks, Nancy. :o)

    Not sure why you might need to know how to bezel a 3mm chaton, but you never know. ;o)