Wednesday, 19 February 2014

'Citrine' Goddess

I was aiming to make a range of these for my Etsy store as 'Healing Goddesses', using the properties of the stones but I really struggled with this one so have decided not to bother with that and just go with the flow in future.  Hopefully people will see the beauty in them as art pieces and will want one (or more) to hang on the wall or to give as gifts.

'Citrine' is named after the lovely citrine bead on her belly which determined the rest of the colours and beads I used, including some really pretty carnelian rounds, fire polish crystals tiny flowers and glass leaves.


  1. She is just full of warmth - and i do think that people will see them as gorgeous works of art!

  2. Thank you, everyone.

    Nancy, I hope you are right. :o)