Thursday, 20 February 2014

'Blackberry' and 'Sky' Goddesses

Why 'Blackberry'?  Because that's what she said to me while I was stitching her.  She is finished very simply with one of my polymer clay cabochons and just a few lines of beads and a couple of flowers for embellishments.  I added eyelashes to her face purely because the clay I used was so dark that you couldn't really see her features and I felt that the eyelashes would define her eyes.  I really like the clean lines of the beading round the cabochon and especially the bit round that green bead right at the bottom.

At the same time as I was stitching 'Blackberry' I also stuck/stitched down the main features for 'Sky'.  Her face reminded me of fluffy white clouds and I added lots of pale blues/white/crystal clear beads to continue the theme with the central bead being a really big crackle glass bead.  It reminded me of ice and sparked another idea...


  1. My goodness you are churning these out like a machine at the moment!!
    They are so beautiful, how long do they take to do? ♥

  2. Gorgeous - Sky is one of my absolute favorites!!

  3. Thank you both! :o)

    Nic, I timed myself doing the last two I've finished so far and each one took around 9 hours to complete.