Sunday, 6 March 2011

What a Fabulous Day!

The sun's been shining, I've seen definite signs of Spring - lambs in the fields, crocus' and snowdrops in the grass verges and all is right with the world!

So, are you ready to see what I bought at Harrogate?  Ok then, here goes.

From Designer Cabochons:

I have to say the photos just do not do these pieces justice!  Especially the ammonite.  It is full of green and purple sparkly bits in it's chambers.  Absolutely gorgeous!  Not sure what I'll do with any of them just yet but I will show you when I decide.

From Spellbound Beads:

A beautiful needlecase kit and a gorgeous bracelet kit.

Then I bought lots of sz 15 seeds, some sz 10 triangles and some gorgeous purple velvet Swarovski crystals to go with a pendant I bought in October:

Finally, another bracelet kit (which is already half finished) along with some extra clasps so I can make some more, and instructions for another bracelet.

I didn't manage to find the 4mm and 6mm gemstone rounds but I'm really pleased with my haul! :0)

The second fabulous part of the day was listening to and watching the football match between Liverpool and Manchester United which finished 3-1 to Liverpool.  Couldn't have gone any better!  I only wish I could have been at Anfield to see it live.

A couple more pics before I go.  Firstly the double sided bracelet I told you about yesterday:

It's made with crazy lace agate rounds and gold and bronze seeds.  Finally, yet another bead embroidered badge pendant:

So that's it, and now I'm off to do some more beading! ;0)

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  1. Oh that Ammonite cabochon looks fascinating - not drooling at all! That bracelet is so pretty as well, I love the natural tones.
    The rivoli is encased in a tubular herringbone stitch - the pattern is from Bead & Button December 2010. Finally decided to get around to making something I have put a tab on in one of my magazines :)
    Can't wait to see what you make with those cabs.