Sunday, 13 March 2011


I've had a really busy week but have still managed to find time to make up some of the kits I bought last week.  Firstly, the Diva's Bracelet from Oak Tree Crafts:

I chose the gunmetal/blue teal colourway and I really like how it's turned out.  It's based on a simple spiral stitch and I made it on Sunday night and wore it to work on Monday. :0)  I've also bought a few more clasps so I can make it again.

Next, the Cordoba Bracelet from Spellbound Beads, again in the teal colourway. 

This one I made really early in the morning (5:30am start) and had it finished before breakfast!  It's a lovely kit and works up really quickly.  Might make some different colours of this too. 

Oh, and how do you like my new photography prop?  I bought the hand mirror on Friday from TKMax for £8 and I love it!

Finally, the Grape Vyne Bracelet from Oak Tree Crafts again, just the instructions for this one so I had to choose my own beads:

Unfortunately, I made it a bit too big for me so this is going to become a swap over on the Bead Buddies forum.  Looks like I'll have to make more of this too although I think I prefer the version I made for my SIL in return for her cutting my hair on Friday.  I don't have any pics of it but I joined each tile diagonally corner to corner instead of straight on as they are in the pic.

Off now to finish watching Dancing on Ice and play with some beads. :0)


  1. Well, you have been busy! How on earth have you found the time. You must be a fairly fast beader!

    Love the hand mirror btw, it's so much nicer to have a prop on phtographs (it took me long enough to figure that one out) Can;t wait to see more

  2. Wow Donna you really are speedy fancy making the first one before brekkie!! I love it but really love the second ones its gorgeous xx