Friday, 25 March 2011

Play day :0)

Yesterday I had the house to myself for 7 whole hours!  I got on with the laundry - even braving the rats from next-door-but-one to hang it out on the line to dry, sorted out some tax stuff that needed attention, then sat down with my newly acquired moulds and Premo Sculpey polymer clay.  I made loads of flowers for the craft shop I work in, then these ones:

They measure just under an inch in diameter and have flat backs so are perfect for bead embroidery, which is what I intend to use them for.  I've put some of them up for swaps on the Bead Buddies forum and the rest I shall keep for myself.  I might see about putting a hole in some next time I make them so they can be used as pendants. 

This afternoon I think I shall make some more - I've still got a couple of the new moulds to try out yet! :0)


  1. They're gorgeous, Donna. Did you make your own moulds?

  2. Not for these ones I didn't, no. I bought them off a seller on Etsy. I ordered some more from her yesterday so watch this space. :0)