Saturday, 5 March 2011

12(ish) Hours and Counting...

... till I'll be at the bead fair at Harrogate! :0D  I can't wait!

So, what am I going for, you may ask?  No idea!  I usually go in and head straight for the Designer Cabochons stand (not hard, they're right next to the door) and spend half an hour or so trying to decide which of their absolutely gorgeous cabs need to come home with me.  I used to limit myself to just one but the last couple of times I've bought three back.  Not that I've made anything out of most of the dozen or so that I now own.  Just two, I think, and these are they:

The first one is a beautiful piece of fossil coral and the second is a gorgeous titanium drusy cabochon.  I've made bezels for each one using delica beads and finished them both with spiral ropes. 

I wonder what sort I'll bring back tomorrow?

Next stop is usually Spellbound Beads stand where I have a good old drool over their newest kits, usually coming away with one or two.  After that I do a quick tour round the first room, then onto the second before doubling back to check out anything that's caught my eye.  I also take a list of anything I particularly want to find - although there's not much on it this time - mainly size 15 seed beads and tiny flowers/leaves for a bit of variety in my badge necklaces.  I do want to find some nice 4mm and 6mm round gemstones though.  I made a bracelet at work this morning, in preparation for the demonstration, using crazy lace agate - this one though is double sided and is different to the one in last night's post.  I haven't taken any pics of it yet but I promise I will do.  I'm actually rather pleased with it as I wasn't sure if it would work out right, but it did.  Yay!

I had some inspiration drop through my door this morning in the form of the Fire Mountain Gems catalogue.  I spent ages staring at some of the pieces that are featured in it.  There is a fabulously detailed beaded globe by Dagny Sellorin that is 2ft in diameter along with a cockerel by Salli Weigert Rathburn and a parrot by Paula K Singer.  All of them are totally stunning and must have taken sooooo long to complete but the design that really captured my attention is that of a flamenco dancer in the most exquisite beaded dress in reds and oranges by Nancy Hall Selma.  I so want to have a go at something like that and will be on the lookout tomorrow for anything suitable.

I'll let you know what I find. :0)

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  1. Jealous! Make sure you take lots of beady piccys to share :)