Sunday, 20 March 2011

Non-Beady Catch-Up

No beads at all this week! My time has been taken up by other fun stuff. :0) On Tuesday night I went to Nottingham to see The Script in concert and, boy were they fab! There's not a song of theirs that I don't absolutely love and it was amazing to see them all sung live!

My only complaint is that they weren't on stage nearly long enough!  Their support act was an Irish guy called Ryan Sheridan who was pretty good, so watch out for him, then The Script were on stage for about an hour and a half.  I really didn't want it to end!  Afterwards we almost got locked in the arena :0/, then we went to a bar for a drink with the others that had gone with us.  When we went back to the car park they were just closing the shutters and we would have had the car locked in if we'd arrived any later!  They left them open just long enough for us to get back to the car and directed us to the last remaining exit that was open.
On Thursday night we travelled to Liverpool to watch the football match with Braga.  Unfortunately, it was a goalless draw which meant that we lost 1-0 on aggregate. :0(  It was also freezing cold!

This is the team before kick-off.  Actually, I lied, I did get some beading done - in the car on the way up. :0D  No piccies yet though.

Last night was spent watching the rugby - Well done England, shame you couldn't make it the Grand Slam!  Today I've been doing some Spring cleaning and now I'm going to finish watching Dancing on Ice and then it'll be time for the MotoGP.  Sporty week, this week! :0)

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  1. Wow what an eventful week!
    Mine wasn't exciting! :(

    It's been ages sicne i went to a live gig ... shame, as I used to go virtually every week when i was in the UK. I lived in Warrington so I was so close to all the good gigs in Liverpool and Manchester.

    Nobody interesting ever plays in Stuttgart! *boo!*