Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Stormfyre the Dragon

Well, so much for last year's list! Events in my personal life kinda got the better of me - again - and I didn't manage to do any of the things on it. I certainly didn't keep up with the blog!

So what's next? I'm really excited about the plans for this year!

I'm looking into converting the garage into a little beading studio where I will be able to teach. The monthly demonstrations that I do at the craft shop where I work have gone really well, with a small but loyal following, but now I'd like to expand their skills and I can't do that with the limited selection of beads that we stock in the shop. I'll still continue with the demonstrations but keep them to simple pieces and try some of the more adventurous stuff from home.

I've finally got around to making up some kits for this bracelet that I designed last year and now just have to take pics of the different colours available before I can list them for sale in my FB shop. Meet Stormfyre the dragon:

Which reminds me, I still owe Lynda a prize for coming up with his name.
I'm also in the middle of setting up a website so it's pretty full-on here at the moment! :0)
So here's to a happy, healthy and productive 2011!


  1. Donna's annual update - good to have you back on the blog :) I really really need to put the wings on Puff... She is still very wing-less, think I need to get some smaller bugles though, mine are huuuuge!

    Let me know how the website building goes!


  2. ooo good luck with the conversion and the teaching, love love love the dragon!!
    Laney x

  3. Thanks :0) I promise I will try and keep up more. xx

  4. Glad to see the blog back in action hun :)

    Tell Steven work on the garage needs to begin as those cattleprods will be arriving soon ;) I might just use one on you if there are no regular posts and eye candy too!

    Good naming from Lynda there! I'll have to get all my pieces out when she's over and make her name them for me. I'll refuse her tea (or get Aaron to) until they're all christened! Mawahahahahaaaaaaa

    This message better appear this time! Second time I've typed it - the first it tried to make me start a blog and I freaked out, pressed the back button and lost the flippin thing!


  5. Hehehe, Crystal you nutter! If you want to use the cattleprod on me it means you'll have to come for a visit. ;0) Prod away, hon. xx