Saturday, 8 January 2011

Candy Stripe Bracelet

This is a pic of the bracelet that I used for the demo at work today.  It's a flat, even-count peyote strip in two colours and everyone left with a set of instructions to give it a go, so I think it was a success! :0)  I much prefer to use Delicas for this sort of thing but, since we don't sell them, this was done in Czech size 11 seed beads.  It's not perfect but who is? ;0)  I'm planning on an embellished version using size 8 seeds for later in the year so I guess I'd best get on with that too.  Next month's demo will be a pair of snowdrop earrings if I can figure out a) how to do them, and b) how to write the tute so that it's easy to understand.

I've listed some of the jewellery that I had in my Misi shop in my FB one.  Misi seems to be on it's way out, unfortunately, so I decided to remove my work from there before it disappears. :0(  Now all I need to do is get some more pics taken and sort the website out so I've somewhere that's 'mine' to sell from. 

Two posts in three days from me - more than my total for the whole of last year - things are looking better already. :0)  You may see things changing on here from time to time as I get to grips with it all a bit more - or you may not, if I don't!  Don't worry, I'll be back soon.

Donna xx


  1. Looks good Donna - it's a shame about Misi, I've seen a few people commenting that it won't be around for much longer. Fingers crossed for your website, hope you get it sorted soon so you can have your own little space on the web!


  2. Hi, I was wondering where I can find the directions to make this?

    Thank you.