Sunday, 30 January 2011

Confessions of a Beader

It's confession time.  Are you ready?  You won't tell, will you?  Okay... Here goes

I haven't done any beading for the last 9 days!!!

I seem to have totally lost my mojo and I can't be bothered to do anything. :0(  I even bought myself three new books this week in an attempt to find some inspiration but, although they are fabulous, I don't have the beads I need to try any of the projects in them and everything here is such a mess, my beading stuff is all over the place, and it would just be a chore to get any of it out.  Humph!

Anyway, onto the books.   I bought 'Beaded Colourways' by Beverly Ash Gilbert, 'Beaded Allure' by Kelly Weise and Laura McCabe's 'Embellished Beadweaving'.  All three are full of wonderful projects and I really want to have a go at some of them soon so watch this space.  As soon as my mojo returns from wherever it's hiding I will have lots of pretties to show you!

I have another demonstration piece to come up with this week but I really don't know what to show them this time.  It may be a netted bracelet I think, hopefully pretty easy to write a tute for.

So, have any of you got anything to confess? ;0)


  1. Nothing to confess for me this week!
    I understnad how you feel about the mojo.
    I was stuck in a rut too, I found that taking part in "swaps" really kicked me up the bum, made me make something (even though it was very stressful at the time) it must have unclogged something becuase my creativity mojo is on overdrive!

    Hope yours comes back soon!

  2. I did manage to get my beads out tonight, and was in the middle of a purple and gold ring for the Tackle That Beadstash blog, when I snapped my loveliest bent needle and now I can't find another one that is thin and/or bent enough to let me finish it. :0( Probably won't get it done in time now.