Monday, 16 May 2011

Spotlight on: Mel of Inkydoodlecrafts

I've only recently discovered Mel's work through the Craft Pimp forum but I'm amazed at how fabulous some of her pieces are!  Take this for instance:

Who wouldn't be thrilled to receive a card like this?  I also love the Royal Wedding hat that Mel made for her daughter.  I can't imagine the amount of work that must have gone into it!  No wonder it won first prize.

The flowers that it is decorated with were also handmade by Mel and similar ones can be found in her Ebay shop

If you take a look at Mel's Etsy shop you will find some beautiful enamelled toppers like these:

and also these fabulous enamelled tiles:

Don't they just shout Summer at you?

If you would like to find out more about Mel's work you should check out her FB page and  Blog where you will find a wonderful dragonfly drawing and see how Mel turned it into a finished design.

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  1. Lovely read!!..Mel's a bit of a wizz isn't she!!..;o)