Monday, 23 May 2011

Bead Retreat 2011

Well, where do I start?

I don't think I've ever had such a fantastic weekend!  With 14 avid beaders sharing the same space for 3 days you might expect there to be the odd disagreement but there really wasn't.  We all got along so well and had so much fun that I'm already looking into booking up for next year!

Friday morning was quite hectic as I got everything packed and ready to take with me, then we set off for Matlock to pick Catherine up from the train station.  I had a slight panic when she sent me a text saying there was a signal failure and her train was delayed.  Then another saying it had been cancelled and she was waiting for a bus which would take her about an hour.  I did the shopping and went straight to the cottages, meeting up with Helen and Ellie on the way.

The cottages were brilliant!  So clean and spacious, just what we needed.

Aster arrived next, just as Helen and I were leaving to pick Catherine up.  By the time we got back Barbara, Faye and Deborah had arrived, Lyda and Michelle followed us in and Lesley, Lisa, Mary and Shirley a short while later.  Everyone sat eating cake before we went to the pub for our tea.  We managed to get ourselves chatted up by the friend of a John Terry lookalike who was on his stag night before heading home to bed.

Saturday started early with beading taking place even before breakfast!  Aster, Catherine and I nipped into Bakewell to grab some food for later and headed up to the farm shop at Pilsley too. :o)  Lunch consisted of pizza, chicken, salad and more cake, then it was back to the beads till it was time to organise Aster's surprise baby shower. :o)  She hadn't a clue what we were up to and it was really lovely to see her face when she saw all the presents and stuff.  She'd thought we were going for a walk and when Catherine brought her into the cottage by the front door she saw the bunting and thought we'd gone into someone else's cottage!

After playing some games and eating the yummy cupcakes made by Lesley, we went back over to the main house and carried on beading till bedtime.

Sunday was wet and windy so we stayed in and beaded - from 9:00am till around midnight!  Stopping only for food, drink and loo breaks. ;o)  Where else could you sit and bead for 15 hours and not get moaned at?  There were some fabulous pieces made over the weekend and you can find them here (along with the rest of the photos).  There are far too many to post them all here.  I'm hoping that people will add to them too so keep checking back to see what's new.
I honestly can't remember a time when I've laughed more than last night.  I went to bed with a headache from all the laughing.  I'd love to share the jokes with you but I simply can't remember them all - and I'm not sure some of them are suitable for a public blog!  It was so sad this morning when we all had to say goodbye and I know I'm not the only one that can't wait for next year! 
If you want to hear more about this year's Bead Retreat - and maybe come along to next year's - check out our FB page.


  1. I think the joke about *redacted* was hilarious, and then when Mary did *redacted* it was so very funny and I nearly wee'd myself when Linda was telling us about *redacted*. I really am looking forward to next year when we can have more *redacted* and then we can just have the whole f*superinjunction*

  2. It was a wonderful weekend, and the company was superlative.... I feel it's very quiet at home and that was with a screaming bunch of kids and a shouty hubby! :D

  3. You are just too funny missus! I'm still crying with laughter reading the comments on here and on the photos. Only 362 days till next time. :o)

  4. but hey, who's counting, right? ;D

  5. Had a fantastic weekend, Donna. Thanks so much for organising. Put me down for next year please :D:D

    Lisa xoxo

  6. Had a brilliant time and everyone got on so well. The only tension was in the bead work. :) Certainly will be coming next year. Have told Crystal she is coming as well and she said she would. :) Woo hoo!

  7. Oh how lovely!!..sounds like you all had the most fantastic time!!..good for you..;o)