Friday, 27 May 2011

All systems go!

Ok, so work has finally started on what will become my little studio.  Well, I say work, what I actually mean is that Steven has started clearing the garage of rubbish!  We've got a huge skip sat on the front lawn that is currently getting filled with a whole host of things that 'might come in handy one day'.  You know the sort of thing - old shelf units that you no longer use 'cos the shelves are bowed, boxes that have been stored in there since the day we moved in five and a half years ago (if we've not touched it in that time we probably never will, right?) and not forgetting the assortment of stuff that gets chucked in there because there's nowhere else for it to go.  I've measured up the space and I think I have about 2.6m x 3m to play with once the dividing wall is up (still need somewhere to store stuff, don't we). 

I've already bought a set of spotlights to fit into the ceiling after seeing the ones in the kitchen at the Bead Retreat last weekend.  They were fabulous to work under so I thought I'd get myself some.  Tomorrow Steven is going to buy a new door and pick up some ceramic tiles that I want for the floor.  I'm keeping everything light as it's a small space.  I'm also thinking maybe I can have a worktop and cupboards down one side with a sink in one part so we don't have to keep trekking through the house.  Then a couple of shelf units (without bowed shelves ;o)) and a table and chairs and we're done.

Sounds so easy, doesn't it?  I bet it'll take the best part of the Summer if not longer (knowing Steven, it'll probably be Christmas) but I will take progress pics just as soon as there's something to show.

The other thing I've been doing this week is organising next year's Bead Retreat.  Yes, I know it's early, but we had such a fabulous time this year that we all wanted to go back to Endmoor Farm again and I thought it best to get it booked up asap.  We've got more people wanting to come than there are spaces so I hope it'll all work out.  I might have to look into finding extra accomodation! :o)  It does make me smile that people enjoy themselves so much that they want to come again.  Who knows where it will end up?

I'll finish off with this picture of the things I made while we were in Monyash. 

The necklace is from an issue of Beadwork magazine and is designed by Lynn Davy.  Mine has pink opal drops and Swarovski crystals on it but it still needs a clasp.  The other two pieces I have now finished as brooches.  The top one has a polymer clay flower cabochon and the other one is based on two really pretty ceramic heart buttons that I was given by Catherine.  I'll post a pic of the finished pieces next time.  Now I'm off to watch CSI:NY. :o)


  1. Please please PLEASE get photos of your studio from the start to the end... I am fascinated with what it looks like now (more than liekly the same way as our cellar does! *lol*) and would love to see it progress into a bright beautiful new studio! x

  2. Me too...want to see the studio now and then...then!! :O)