Tuesday, 17 May 2011

And another one....

Well, get me, two posts in one night!  Now that doesn't happen often. ;o)  I've been wanting to tell you all a bit more about the Bead Retreat I've organised, with help from Catherine, for this weekend but I wanted to get all the blog ring posts done first. 

Anyway, 18 months or so back I was talking with my friend, Crystal and we decided that it would be fun if we could organise a weekend away just for us.  No husbands or kids, just beads.  In the end Crystal couldn't make it but I ended up in a lovely cottage in Monyash just outside Bakewell in Derbyshire with 7 others from the Bead Buddies forum. 

It was the first time most of us had met each other in real life but we got on really well and all said we'd like to do it again this year.  So we are.  Bigger, and hopefully better, than before!

This year we are again staying in Monyash.  At a farm this time, in 4 separate cottages but with a communal garden and games room.  It is a working farm so there will be cows and sheep to look at if we get bored (not likely but still...).  There will be 14 of us this year plus 2 dogs and 1 'bump' and it's gonna be a blast!  Our FB page is here if you'd like to see what sorts of things we get up to. 

I will hopefully be able to update the blog while we're there but, if not, expect a post or two when we get back on Monday.  In the meantime I shall be organising, sorting, planning and making in preparation for Friday.  I wish I could let you in on some of what will be happening but I know some of you will be there and I want it to be a surprise! :oD


  1. I am so jealous!
    I am going to have to make the effort to come from germany next time! ♥

  2. 2 dogs? I thought it was just madgy? How fab!
    I am so excited, only 2 more sleeps! :)

  3. You certainly will Nicola. If all goes according to plan this time I shall provisionally book the same place for next year so you'll have plenty of time to get organised. ;o)

    Faye's bringing her puppy too I think, Aster. :o)