Saturday, 4 October 2014

It's Been A While...

... but at last there is something happening to my studio!

My Dad and Kieran have been in there the last few weeks sorting out the sill on the door and getting everything ready to do the walls.  Last week they built the framework for the plasterboard and got that in on one wall, complete with plasterboard on the bottom half.  The top half can't be done yet because the electrics need sorting out there first, and the window needed replacing.  My Dad has been down today fitting the new window,  Here is what it looks like now:

From the outside

From the inside

Left of wall with plasterboard

Right of wall with plasterboard

On the opposite side of the space it is still quite full of all the usual junk you would expect to find in a garage, although a lot of it has now been moved into the shed out the back.  I can;t wait to get everything moved in there so I have a real space to work in instead of just sitting on the sofa surrounded by boxes of beads.

This year I seem to be making more polymer clay cabochons than jewellery but that has come to a sudden halt with the new addition to our family, Orion.  He is a 4 year old black cat who was abandoned as a tiny kitten and had to be hand reared.  He ended up with the daughter of the woman who found him, who then had to give him up when her young daughter developed an allergy to him.  So far we have kept him indoors but I'm hoping he will be able to go out soon.  He is still a little skittish and will have to have a visit to the V-E-T before we can feel safe letting him outside.

Orion looking unimpressed at being covered in cobwebs!

Hopefully the studio will be finished in the not-too-distant future.  :o)

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