Monday, 26 May 2014

May Goddess and the Bead Retreat

May is always the month that I organise our annual Bead Retreat so I wanted my Goddess for this month to be about that.  This year we stayed at Endmoor Farm for the the whole week and it was lots of fun!  Sitting round a huge kitchen table beading with some of my best friends is always guaranteed to make me smile and this time was no exception.

For my Goddess, I started out by making her a scenic cabochon from polymer clay featuring a little sheep to represent the farm where we stayed (there were lambs being born while we were there and running round the farmyard).  Her face was made in blue and white for the sky.  I used lots of white beads with a little bit of sparkle and a flat backed crystal to represent the fun we all had.  There are 14 multi-coloured fp crystals at the bottom, one for each of us that stayed.  She is a happy little Goddess because I was happy while I stitched her. :o)

The week before we went out there I also made another Goddess.  It was my friend's birthday on the Sunday and I wanted to make her a present so came up with the idea of doing a Goddess with flowers and bees as she likes bees.  I love the Springtime feel to this one and I think she liked it too. :o)


  1. Your bead retreat Goddess is precious, totally awesome! I love everything about her, and maybe most of all the delightful little lamb scene you did in polymer clay. WOW!!! The bee Goddess is adorable too.

  2. A whole week beading what luxury. I have been reading Donna Kato books about polymer clay just need more hours in day to try my hand at making cabochons.