Tuesday, 15 February 2011

When Inspiration Strikes...

... it's best to go along with it!  I went to Hobbycraft on Sunday afternoon for some purple ribbon and had a look round while I was there, as you do, and found myself in the bead aisle.  They've got some new stuff in and I fell in love with a gunmetal oval set with black stones and with a keyhole cut-out in the middle.  I found a set of key charms in the same gunmetal colour and bought the lot (along with some other stuff :0/).  When I got home I got out my beading foundation (curtain blackout lining) and all my red and black beads, drew a heart shape on the foundation material and sat down to bead.  Two days later and here is the finished result:

I think I'm gonna be really corny and call it 'The Key to My Heart'.  I did have a mad idea to actually have the keyhole as a keyhole but chickened out when it got to the ultrasuede backing so that is what you can see through the hole.  I kinda like it like that. :0)

I'm hoping that inspiration will strike again soon but, in the meantime, I'll go back to finishing off some of the other half-done projects that are awaiting me - including the one that I needed the purple ribbon for! :0D


  1. That's not fair my hobbycraft never has nice stuff like that but it is only a small one. You shouldn't be scared to cut the holes out, just take your time and use a very sharp craft knife and you'll be fine x

  2. Yeah, that was part of the problem. My craft knife has vanished. Can't remember the last time I saw it! Might try it with an easier shape to cut out first.

  3. Oh that is absolutely gorgeous, Donna - I love gunmetal.

    Lisa xoxo