Sunday, 20 February 2011

Have you ever...

... ordered something that, when it arrived, wasn't quite what you thought?  I bought some 'picture cabochons' from a seller on Etsy last year and when they arrived, discovered that they were actually little metal badges without the pin backs.  So what do you do with pinless badges?  Nothing - until recently when I had an idea for a challenge over on Beaders Online.  The challenge theme was flowers/birthstones for January/February and February's flower is the iris.  The colours were just my sort of thing so I got out all my beads, only to find that none of them were at all inspiring.  Then I remembered the badges and discovered one that was just perfect.  So, here is my Iris Necklace:

The badge has a bead embroidered bezel with an ultrasuede backing and is hung on a simple satin ribbon.  I've also done a couple more but have yet to find ribbons for those so you'll have to wait to see them.

Oh, and I just had to order some more badges yesterday.  Well, I know what to do with them now, don't I? ;0)

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