Thursday, 10 February 2011

Only Half-done

After my trip to Spellbound Beads last week I decided to use one of the Swarovski-set round studs to make this brooch.

Only trouble is, I can't seem to figure out where to go from here.  As I was stitching it I kinda thought that it reminded me of the Summer sun and I feel like it should have some sort of 'rays' coming off it but Ijust don't know what or how!  I've tried picots of beads but they just look spiky, and I thought about a fringe but I want it all the way around, not just at the bottom.  Any suggestions will be most welcome. :0)

I also made this bracelet.

It's made in the same way as the one I did for the demo but with an extra row.  I think I like this one more than the original.  It has a nicer weight to it.

Still haven't finished the OTTBS piece yet........

I've been a cleaning demon today.  Done all the bottom kitchen cupboards and the fridge/freezer as well as the floor.  Tomorrow I'm hoping to get the rest done.  :0)


  1. Oooh they are both LUSH! Love them!

    Carol XXX

  2. You could do an edge of drop beads ;o)

  3. Gorgeous work, Donna. I love the sun brooch. I've got a book on beading around cabs - might give some fringe ideas that look like rays - will have a look and let you know if any jump out.

    Bracelet's pretty gorgeous too.


  4. Woah!
    Slow down girlie!
    These are fabulous!