Monday, 13 January 2014

Beady Notions

I recently opened a second Etsy store to sell all my tutorials from.  I found that having both the finished jewellery and the tutorials/supplies in one place was getting a little confusing for me, and probably for customers too, so the solution was to split them.  Beady Notions by Delicate Sparkles was opened before Christmas and I am slowly adding all the tutorials, kits, cabochons etc to it.  I hope this will make it much easier for people to find what they are looking for and make it simpler for me to keep track of too.  I am hoping to have a few new tutorials listed soon along with some new polymer clay cabochons.

I spent a few happy hours playing with the polymer clay yesterday and coming up with what I hope will be some new styles of face cabochons.  I need to make some to use in my BJP goddesses and none of the molds that I have were quite right so I made a couple using the mold and then re-shaped them and adjusted the features to try and get something more suitable.  There are a couple of them that I really like and I am planning to make my own molds from them so that I can easily reproduce them.

These are the basic cabochons, fresh from the oven yesterday.  I will probably have another play with these tomorrow while I have the house to myself.  It's Steven's day off today so it's likely that nothing will get done.

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